Torsonator / Landmine
Torsonator / Landmine
Torsonator / Landmine

Torsonator / Landmine

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This modest-looking piece of steel is a home gym wonder. The torsonator accepts Olympic-sized bars for a surprising variety of exercises that will shred your abs and core muscles. It's a popular favourite and its compact size is perfect for home gyms.

This tough steel swivel is coated in a rust-resistant black powder finish. The swivel is multi-directional, allowing you to do one and two-handed standing twists, presses, rotations and similar exercises that work a large range of core and arm muscles.

Don't let its size and simplicity fool you. All you need is an Olympic barbell to turn the Russian Twist/Swivel into an intense workout tool. 


  • Heavy-duty steel with powder-coated black finish
  • Accepts Olympic-sized barbell for an amazing variety of exercises
  • Multi-dimensional swivel works your abs, core, and arms

Please note: Barbell is NOT included

Available online only.

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