Power Rack Cage
Power Rack Cage
Power Rack Cage
Power Rack Cage
Power Rack Cage
Power Rack Cage
Power Rack Cage
Power Rack Cage
Power Rack Cage

Power Rack Cage

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There are over 50 reasons why the power rack is sure to be your all-in-one home workout solution!

This unit has everything. Lat pulldowns. Low row. Dip handles. Band pegs. Hooks and safeties for barbells. Assisted pull-ups. Resisted push-ups. It's all here, adding up to over 50 distinct muscle-toning, strength-building exercises in a single compact unit that's designed to fit in the home. This is the everything-in-one.

The power rack features easy assembly and is practically maintenance-free.


  • Heavy-gauge steel for maximum toughness
  • 50+ muscle-building exercises possible, all in a single unit
  • Fully adjustable band pegs for even more workout variety
  • Multi-grip chin-up bar & Multi-grip push up bar
  • Wide range of vertical as well as horizontal adjustments for a more effective session
  • Numbered increments make adjusting hooks on the fly quick and easy
  • 4 barbell hooks (fully adjustable) and 2 barbell safeties included
  • Integrated pulley system accepts all standard weight plates
  • Assembly required; all tools and instructions included
  • Dimensions of rack (WITHOUT band pegs or dip handles): 210 x 126 x 115 cm (H x W x D)
  • Dimensions of rack (WITH band pegs and dip handles): 210 x 213 x 160 cm (H x W x D)

Weight load capacities:

  • Barbell hooks: 272kg (600 lbs)
  • Barbell safeties: 363kg (800 lbs)
  • High and low pulleys: 363kg (800 lbs)

Available online only.

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