Parallel Dip Bars
Parallel Dip Bars
Parallel Dip Bars
Parallel Dip Bars

Parallel Dip Bars

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This training station allows you to perform a wide range of exercises right in the convenience of your own home. This versatile stand is a great enhancement for strength training and for any exercise routine. The fitness rack includes two eight pound dipping bars and has a weight capacity of up to 150kg. 

The bars feature large grips so there is reduced chance of slipping - these grips allow you to complete your workout efficiently and in comfort. These bars will enable you to focus on core strengthening by performing exercises such as dips and leg raises.  

The stand is surprisingly lightweight and portable which allows you to set up wherever you choose. 


    • Height 73cm
    • Base bars: 40cm
    • Gripped bar length: 43cm
    • Weight capacity: 150kg

    Available online only.